BodyExfoliate with the body scrub gel "no rinse", hydrate and tone up with the slimming hydrating gel, then repare and protect with the body moisturizing cream or the pure shea butter

Exfoliate "no rinse"

Exfoliate "no rinse"Gentle exfoliating treatment "new skin" to remove superficial dead skin cells and leave the skin smooth, supple and radiant. 


The Bioreline For Men range is designed to take care of all the needs of men's skin. Its 4 products are handy, effective and reliable. 

Virgin oils

Virgin oilsThree virgin oils and butters - 100% organic

Creamy masks

Creamy masksTwo moisturizing, vitaminized, purifying and balancing masks. The velvety texture quickly absorbed by the skin is enhanced by a refined fragrance to offer a pleasant moment of relaxation. 


3 different products to daily cleanse the skin: cleanser & make-up remover, micellar care solution or purifying foaming gel.
3 additional floral waters: rose, geranium and witch hazel.


Serums3 active concentrated sera to moisturize, tone up, tense or purify the skin and 1 eyes and lips specific biofluid.

Cream cares

Cream cares4 cream cares and 1 BB cream to repare, protect and leave the skin smooth and regenerated.